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 Shoes & Boots
  All leather consumed in producing products are provided by Tabriz accredited leather factories which they have at least 40 years experience in producing leather and they all have new machines and expert craftsmanship to produce these products.
Procedures for these products are waterproof.
PU material used in the boots’ sole are directly imported from Italy, which has not only impact on cost, but also has considerable impact on the sole’s lifetime.
Products’ sole are able to a hundred thousand times bend and be straight; moreover, they are anti-wear and anti-slip.
Our boots are produced in three models: Alvars, Himalaya, and Savalan which are available in all sizes of 37 to 46.  In the color scheme, offered to selected customers have left open.
Every couple of boots are placed inside a box independently and every ten couple are placed in a cartons.
We are able to produce all kinds of types that you order with a sample of that kind