This firm produces luxe, resistant and high performance products according to universal standards in categories of steel furnitures , shoes, boots, gemstones and building materials by collaboration of country and province stone mines production units.
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This firm offers consultancy services from investigation till delivery phases by employing specialists in designing, initiation of production- industrial units and building projects and studying investment plans.

Service sector (investment).
This company has provided a proper background for attracting foreign investors specially Turkish Investors  by collaboration of skilled and effective specialists in investigation, initiation of productive and industrial designs in industrialization of building.
This group has won some international   investment by  foreign countries , cooperating with professionals of investment organization and economical aids from Iran(with consideration of ministry of economy and finance)and Tabriz investment services center and also lawyers who are trained in this field.
Our specialists are ready to collaborate with foreign investors without wasting time and got involved in invalid official trend from the project check part to organize and end the project by considering the rule and conditions of investment and being familiar with the ways of investment and also having a close relationship with all of the people in charge and every organization related to manufacturing-industrial.

  Our group consists of:

1-    PHD in economics 3 individuals
2-    PHD in industrial 3 individuals
3-    Industries engineer 5 individuals
4-    B.A industrial management 5 individuals
5-    Civil engineer 5 individuals
6-    Financial manager 5 individuals
7-    Lawyer 3 individuals
8-    B.A commercial manager 3 individuals
9-    Official manager 1 individuals
10-  Informatics expert 1 individuals
11-  Marketing expert 5 individuals.