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 Building and decorative stones

Our production consist of many types of different mines of country  consist of  stone mine of Abbas Abad , Mahalat , Yazd Chocolate , Azar Shahr Red , etc… .We have tried to produce our production for various usages such as interior and eaterior space of house and workplace . The length of 1cm to 1m that finally it is changeable based on your request. Dimension of Profil designs  : 20x5 2.5x15 10x10 5x10 2.5x10 5x15 2.5x5 4x4 2x2 The Profil are in Wicher , flute and combination of both designs. Dimension of Mallon and clipper design  :The length of Mallon and clipper products range from 1cm to 1m and width of 2,4,6,8cm which is customized .Products are packaged in rigid cartons and sent.  The weight of the cartons is changed from 25 to 40 depend on type of stone.

For visiting our stones designs please check the gallery .